1.Rescue MeOnce your stresses are turned off,  lay back and receive a Rejuvenating Facial, Mud Wrap, and Massage. $185
2.Sugar n' Spice & Everything Nice Little girls wouldn't be complete without a Facial, Wrap, and Massage. Using different aroma spices to invigorate the body from a tired girl's day. $185
3.Bouquet Bliss:  This is for the hard working women that don't have time  for the full spa treatment. Includes  EXPRESS   Facial,Aromatherapy Massage and Body Polish. $120
4.A Day of Bliss:  This is your day of Beauty Essentials. 90 Minute Swedish Massage, Oxygen Facial,  and Lunch is included. $245
5. The Ultimate Renewal:Come relax with the Ultimate 4 layers facial , 30 min. custom massage and Body Polish. Allowing your skin to be replenished  from head to toe with a total cleansing and hydrating treatment.Removing the dull and dry while awakening the soft and smooth.$145
6.The Boutique: This is for the special lady. Lying on a bed of aroma flowers, stemming relaxation through a Floral Facial, Mud Wrap and 30 MIN. Massage.  $185

7.The Day of Indulge: Transforming from a cocoon of stress to a beautiful butterfly through a 1hr. Hot Stone Massage, Facial and a Sea Salt Scrub.

8. The Essential Xscape:  Xscaping into the comfort zone of aromatherapy while transforming is of the upmost importance. Applying therapy through essential oils giving a sense of balance, relaxation, tranquility, and peace through a Facial, Mud Wrap and Massage. $170
"You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection." 


 I  Wish -  $120
90 min Aromatherapy Massage
Body Polish


 Day of Bliss  $200
1 Hr. Custom  Massage
Deep- Pore Facial
Body Polish

Winter warm up- $275
Deep-Tissue Massage & Stone
Deep-Pore Facial
Body Buff
Moor Detox Mud-Wrap & refreshments


The Sleigh Ride for 2 $295
Couples Choice  Massages

Executive Suite
Signature Facials 

           Mimosas            Chocolate-covered strewberries                                                                                    


4 Your Pleasure  $165
This is for a HARD-WORKING.....person that doesn't have time for a full day at the spa.Includes 1hr. Aromatherapy Massage & Stone Express Facial, Jacuzzi with chocolate- covered strawberries and Mimosa

Mom & Daughter  Day $350
90 min. Hot-stone Massages           Renewal  Facials
Body Polishes
Fruits and drinks served

Hands of Love  $120       

Swedish Massage 30 min.
Fresh Body Scrub
Signature Facial

BFF's Package $165  (per person)
Swedish Massage & Stone
Signature Facial
Body Scrub
Mimosas & lite refreshments


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